Cajun cooking
Celery, Bell Pepper and Onions

The terms “Cajun” and “Creole” seem to confuse many not from the region. As both of these types of recipes and styles originated in Louisiana, it can be confusing. Many people explain that Creole cooking involves a more classic approach to a recipe. Cajun cooking is generally known to be more spicy or peppery. Both styles are unique and offer a large variety of choices.

The Basics of Cajun Cooking

The term Cajun cooking really took of in the 1980’s. When thinking of Cajun cooking, many picture blackened chicken; while this is associated with Cajun cooking, it is not what many Cajuns consider classic cooking.

Cajuns are an ethnic group that is found in Louisiana. They settled there after being exiled from Canada. Cajuns can trace their roots to the Acadian people, a group of people from France that settled in Canada. They use a very distinct French dialect. When exiled from Canada, they brought their culture and traditions to the United States. Theses traditions, including Cajun cooking, remain active today.

Many true Cajun chiefs will talk of recipes handed down for generations. They proudly guard their recipes and their heritage. In this type of cooking, often exact measurement is not used. There is a “pinch of this” and a “dash of that”.

There are many spices used in the Cajun cooking style as well as a lot of fat, garlic, and butter. While they may not be the best for you, no one can deny they have a lot of flavor.

Cajun Cooking Ideas

Due to its origin in the Louisiana many of the Cajun cooking recipes involve local seafood. There are many recipes that use ingredients such as onions, mayonnaise, mustard, butter, lemon juice, and of course a lot of spices. One popular recipe called for all these ingredients to be combined and then basted on the catfish before it is baked in the oven. Some other examples of seafood used are crawfish, shrimp, and even alligator. If you’re tempted to create a Cajun style feast these types of seafood selections are the most authentic choices you can make. If you need some recipe ideas there are a lot of Cajun cooking books available that can help you make this style of food.

Cajun cooking generally involves a wide variety of spices combined to add flavor to anything. Using pepper, parsley flakes, garlic powder, hot pepper, curry powder, and people can make their own Cajun spices at home. Experiment with spicy flavors and make your very own and unique Cajun spices.

Cajun cooking is a fun and creative form of the culinary arts. Making your own style of Cajun spices to be used on everything from French fries to chicken, will add a new taste and texture to all your meals.