My wife and daughter are away for the summer so I am back to cooking for myself on most days.

Don’t worry; cooking for one can be a very fun and satisfying way to cook. Even if you have a whole family there may be reasons that you are cooking for one. Maybe you eat differently than your family and need to cook a special meal for yourself that does not include same items that they are eating. Maybe you work different hours than everyone else in the house, or maybe you you like different food than everyone else around. I have many recipes and ideas that are focused on creating only one serving. If you are new to the idea of cooking for one, remember it is much easier than you might think.

Make Cooking For One An Easy Task – Pre-Planning and A Well Stocked Pantry Are Key

A well-stocked pantry provides a solid foundation in which to create delicious dinners for one person. Whole-wheat four cheese ravioli can be bought in a large container and frozen in individual servings. On a night when dinner is in a rush, take out a serving for one size dinner portion, cooking it according to the package directions and then covering with a favorite canned spaghetti sauce makes a quick meal in only minutes. Serve it with a salad on the side and dinner is done.

New Packaging Seems To Be Done With Cooking For One in Mind

In recent years, companies are becoming more aware of families buying frozen items in bulk and using them as needed. This is especially true with fish and chicken companies. It is not uncommon today to purchase a quantity size bag of frozen fish fillets or boneless chicken breasts that are individually frozen and packaged within the larger bag. This is a great benefit to the single person who is often cooking for one. Buying individually frozen meats, bulk packaged, allows for someone who is cooking for one to still enjoy the reduced cost of buying foods in bulk that stay fresher longer.

Specialty Kitchen Gadgets and Cookware Focus On Cooking For One Concepts

As a person that cooks for only one meal at a time, I find that I need items that are designed for smaller portions. On a recent shopping adventure, I found the perfect single size stoneware baking pan that holds the exact amount of vegetables for roasting, a fish fillet or beef steak or a baking potato. This piece of stoneware has become invaluable to me. It is the perfect size for cooking one serving and still fits in the oven with the traditional size cookware that I use for my family, so I can cook both sets of meals at the same time.