The products on this page are highly recommended products. I don’t give recommendations lightly, and I have used all of these.

I also make some affiliate income on these. It doesn’t change the price at all, but the product owner pays me. You know, kind of like a sales person. Well the FTC made me add this disclaimer, so there it is.

Recommended Hosting Services

I personally use Namecheap as my primary company for Hosting and domain registration, but it never hurts to spread your risk around if you have more than one site.

Click Here ===>>> Namecheap

Host Gator is probably the most known, and even though I haven’t personally used them I am adding a link since many people I talk to do use them without much problem.

Click Here For ===>>> HostGator

I also host on my own dedicated servers at Rackspace. There are several plans depending on what you need, but this is a great option for those who don’t want to worry about running out of bandwidth, or programs they need to run that aren’t offered by the cheaper hosting services.

Click Here For ===>>> Rackspace Cloud

Recommended Email Autoresponders

You do have a customer list don’t you? This is vitally important, and if you host your own email list you are inviting trouble.

I used to recommend aWeber, but due to deliverability problems, I no longer do.  I am using mailchimp for the majority of my business and highly recommend them. If you can’t use mail chimp, I also recommend GetResponse.





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