Systems Administration and Security (Adamantios)

These are pages on Systems administration and security. Some are legacy pages and may not be relevant anymore. I don’t believe in breaking the web on purpose, so I am keeping as many of these 10-15 year old pages here.

Not all the pages are old, so make sure you check these out, or better yet, sign up for my mailing list. Believe me, I don’t spam.

Create a MySQL Database in cPanel

Podcast:   Some of my subscribers have asked me to put up a simple video on how to create a MySQL database. Since most of them don't have dedicated hosts, I figured I would show how to do this in cPanel. If you don't know what cPanel...
Secure FTP or No Plain Text Passwords Please

Secure FTP or No Plain Text Passwords Please

One of the first things anyone should do when they are transferring files is stop using plain text passwords. What are plain text passwords? Simply, they are passwords that are not encrypted in any way. This makes it childs play for the bad guys to login to your server (or in the jargon of the day, to own you or root you).
Simple Wordpress Fix For Security

Simple Wordpress Fix For Security

Well, technically not Wordpress, but your hosting is probably vulnerable. From if you want to read the whole thing. There was an attack on Wordpress blogs hosted at Network Solutions, but your host is probably guilty as well.

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