Don't make presention slides like this.

What happens when a “guru” hypes a product that sucks? Well they sell a bunch and then we have a bunch of people following along. That is why you don’t see this blog, or me promoting crap just because I can make an affiliate commission. I don’t care if my products don’t get “reciprocity.” Screw you people that promote every affiliate offer, that is why I hit unsubscribe.

If you didn’t happen to see my post Your Presentations Suck, go look at it. There is a new product out by a guy who claims to have learned a “ton” about presentations and video. His slides look like he followed along with my hypothetical “greatest” presentation. In other words, his presentation sucks, and he wants to teach you how to suck just as bad.

Every slide was a list of bullet points. Most had sub-bullets, all had a crappy stick figure type picture in the lower right. At least if you are going to brand every slide and make me annoyed, put something related to you. Geesh, this guy is going to teach me how to do presentations? Gag me.

To everyone out there that does presentations… Stop it with the bullet points.

If you happen to buy into a training series and the “expert” uses bullet points on all his slides (no matter how artsy they look), get your money back. If they ask why, tell them, because your presentations suck that’s why , so why should I buy from you.

Here is a sample of his presentation 1, on why you need to take the course and the importance of acquiring “skills.”

I hope you follow this advice, and never use bullet points again. You don’t need them, unless you are quoting something with bullet points, and even then can’t you do something else.