Amazon Collections

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We're going to talk about a little feature that Amazon has included in August of 2013.  In August 2013, Amazon quietly released a new feature that will be of interest to marketers called Amazon Collections.  It's a direct competitor to Pinterest.  There's some significant differences though.  Why Amazon even matters.  First, a quick recap for those who don't like or use Amazon.  I know you're out there.  One reason Amazon's very important, especially to the men reading this, is that Amazon has a very diverse audience.


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Many people think of globalization as the transfer of jobs to foreign countries. While this is certainly a part of globalization, a true definition would have to include the interconnectedness of everything around us. The interconnections are evidence of the true nature of globalization.

Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

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I have found there are two kinds of people in the world: entrepreneurs and employees. Which are you?

Before you click away think long and hard, are you really cut out to work for yourself?

OK, now all you employees can click away, good bye!


Today I was walking with my neighbor and he couldn't understand how I could work 7 days a week (yeah, I know you read the 4 hour work week, good luck with that). I explained that, while I work everyday, I don't have to work at all. He gave me this wtf look and I had to snicker to myself.

Amazon Web Services access keys tutorial

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Hello again. This is Jon Griffin. I just want to talk to you about a little change in your Amazon Web Services account that you may or may not have noticed. That is that your security credentials are changing. It's not that they're going away or anything has to change, but there are no longer going to show you, online, what your secret code is.

How to Cite Your Sources Properly and Avoid Plagiarism

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One of the issues many authors have is how to cite sources properly. Proper citing of sources prevents plagiarism, and establishes credibility for the author and the paper. In academic writing, papers are expected to cite sources as research builds on other research. In the non-academic world, unfortunately, plagiarism is more common.

Learning how to cite sources is easy and will set the authors work apart from the crowd of non-authoritative, plagiarized, and generally non-unique articles which are proliferating with the advent of private label rights authors.

Create blog content easily

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How to create blog content easily

Just one post per week... it's not that much too ask is it?

Many of the people I talk to about Internet marketing say the same thing, "I don't have time to keep up with my blog." This is especially true in the offline world. Business owners are juggling too many different tasks, and writing an article seems like a lot of work. I would counter, especially to the offline business owners, that you are an expert, it shouldn't take that much time to write an article.