Just Hit Unsubscribe

I was at an event for internet marketers last weekend and a common theme came up. Who should I follow? I have to say the the IM (internet marketing) space is the most polluted narcissistic, good ol' boy club there is. People will argue with me, people that make more money than me will argue with me, that I am full of crap, and if you don’t promote anyone’s JV, then no one will promote yours. Well, guess what, I only promote the products of those I respect.

How many lists are you on?

If you are like me, you are on a boatload of lists and if you are like me, you don’t even remember how you got on the list. Then, you get 100 emails a day promoting some other gurus product. I won’t argue that it doesn’t work. I will argue that being on a ton of lists is counterproductive and certainly a waste of time. Just think of how much time you waste just hitting the delete button everyday, not to mention the emails you open and even worse check out.

The Internet Marketing List Shuffle

Just hit delete, I give you permission. If you don’t find value in a list, dump it. If you have never bought a product in the 5 years you have been on the list, do yourself and the list owner a favor… hit unsubscribe. Really, that goes for my list as well. No hard feelings, if there is no value in my list, unsubscribe. I won’t take it personally, believe me.

Free Ain’t Free

I know with so many “free” offers in your email, you have begun to think that there is no cost for information. Well, deep down you know someone wants your money, but ask yourself one question; Of all the sales pages you have looked at, all the free video training you have opted in for, all the free downloads you have rotting on your hard drive, how much of that do you use? My guess, not much. You see, I am finding out the hard way what people have told me all my life… There is no value in free.

Nobody Likes Me Anymore

I have unsubscribed from almost all the lists I was on. If I don’t recognize the name, I unsubscribe when the next “offer” comes. Even some I recognize, I unsubscribed from. If I haven’t bought a product or acted in any way, why should I stay on the list? Oh, product sales are only a part of the criteria, but there must be some value in me staying on. Maybe the free information is really good (it does happen). Maybe I like the personality of the list owner, whatever the reason I stay on. Make no mistake though, if I get an email with the subject of “Your Commission”, or “Your Password”, I don’t care how good the product is, bye-bye. And, yes, I don’t get as many emails, and it is weird for the first week or so when you are thinking that nobody likes you because you are not getting any email.

Just Hit Unsubscribe

So go ahead, hit the unsubscribe link. Free yourself to do more productive things. Create your own reason for joining or staying on a list… even mine.