Use Keywords In Your Page Titles

Most SEO “experts” recommend using keywords for the page titles. Don’t confuse the title tag with the meta tags, but you should still consider all search engine optimization within the context of the entire picture. The text that you place in the title tag (i.e. between the and section) appears in the title bar of all modern browsers when the web page is viewed. Don’t be concerned that many browsers will also append what is in the title tag with their own name. An example of this is “Your Cool Title - Mozilla Firefox”. Just look at the top of this page to see what your browser adds.

The title text you use is probably one of the most important factors in how most search engines decide to rank your web page.Not only that, all of the major web crawlers and spiders use the title tag text to display and store your web pages title in their listings.

If you’ve created your website as a series of linked pages and not just a single home page, you must keep in mind that each and every page on your site must be optimized for the search engines. Just remember that each pages title, in other words, the keywords that you are using on that particular page as well as all of the keyword phrases which you use in your pages content all help to bring traffic to your website.

Key phrases, also know as long tail or niche keywords, and your content all attract visitors. By using different search engine terms and techniques, you can optimize your site to attract prospects, and buyers, that you need for all of your products, services or information (pre-sell) pages.

Don’t Make This Mistake

The most common mistake made by most business owners, both small and large, when they first create a website is placing the name of their business or company on every page in the title tag and elsewhere. Research has shown that most of your clients don’t really care what your name is (yes I know, you brainstormed the name for days) at first. After you have established that your site is worth visiting, then, and only then, is your company important to them.

Here is what that would look like, notice all the repetition and very little to tell a searcher what the page is about.

Use Keywords In Your Page Titles

Use Keywords In Your Page Titles

Where To Use Your Business Name

There is only one place that you want to have your business name, well 2 places; your home page, and your contact us page. Don’t waste valuable keywords and the space you need to put your business name in the title tag of every page on your site. In fact, it is advisable to not follow or index your contact page, but that is another post. You are much better off creating pages with one highly targeted keyword in the title. That will ensure the maximum value in search engine rankings.

Try to dedicate the first three positions for keywords in your title by avoiding stop words like ‘and’, ‘at’ and other words that are “filler”. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing user readability for search engine rankings. After all, search engines don’t buy, people do.

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